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Families of teaching models

Submitted By Nimi Sunil on 21 April 2017

1.The information processing family

This family focus on intellectual capacity.

The name of the main theorist behind the models

Concept Attainment model Jerome S Bruner
Inductive thinking model Hilda Taba
Inquiry training model J.Richard Suchman
Advance Organizer model David Ausubel
Synectics model William J.J. Gordon
Biological Science Inquiry model Joseph Schwab
Mnemonics model  Pressley, Lewin, Anderson
Cognitive development model Piaget, Kohlberg, Siegal

2.The personal family
This deals with the personal development of the individual

The name of the main theorist behind the models

Non- directive model  Carl Rogers
Enhancing self - esteem model  Abraham Maslow
Awareness training model William Schutz and George Brown
Class room teaching model William Glasser

 3.The social family
This family emphasis the relationship of the individual to society

The name of the main theorist behind the models

Group investigation model Herbert Thelen, John Dewey,
Role playing model Fannie and Gerorge Shaftel
Jurisprudential inquiry model Donald Oliver, James P. Shaver
Laboratory training model National training laboratory
Social simulation model Cybernetics psychologists
Social inquiry model Thelen, Oliver, Sharer

4.The behavioral system family
It emphasis on changing the observable behavior of the learner.

The name of the main theorist behind the models

Contingency management model B.F. Skinner
Mastery learning model Benjamin S. Bloom
Social learning model Albert Bandura
Simulation model Carl Smith, Mary Smith
Direct Instruction model Tom Good and Others

Question Ktet 2016
  The author of concept attainment model is----
  Ans. Bruner



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