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List of Schools in Rajasthan with address and details - District wise list

Submitted By Nimi Sunil on 10 May 2018

Rajasthan is a state in the north western region of India. In recent decades, the literacy rate of Rajasthan has increased significantly. In 1991, the state's literacy rate was only 38.55% (54.99% male and 20.44% female). In 2001, the literacy rate increased to 60.41% (75.70% male and 43.85% female). The state government has been making sustained efforts to raise the education standard.

Rajasthan has 55,000 primary and 7,400 secondary schools. Here are the district wise list of schools in Rajasthan.


List of Schools in Rajasthan, District wise School list, Schools with address, School contact number

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