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11047-MIRAJ UBL EXP Train Time Table with Arrival and Departure time at stations

MIRAJ UBL EXP is a Mail Express Superfast Train in India. Mail/Express trains are Regular Express rail services of India. Express trains make a small number of stops, unlike Passenger/Local trains. In some cases, trains run express where there is overlapping local train service available, and run local at the tail ends of the line, where there is no supplemental local service. Because of their limited stops, these trains are able to obtain the highest speeds of any trains in India. Superfast Mail/Express trains are express rail services of the Indian Railways. They make few stops, unlike other Mail/Express trains, achieving somewhat shorter journey times. Tickets cost more than Mail/Express rates. In some cases, trains run Superfast where there is an overlapping Mail/Express service available, and run regular Mail/Express trains where there is no supplementary Mail/Express service. Train Numbers from 02779 to 13010 are displayed in this section.

Train Number of MIRAJ UBL EXP is 11047. This train starts from the station MIRAJ JN by 00:10 Hours and completes it's journey at the last station HUBBALLI JN by 06:25 Hours. The train runs on all days in the week.

MIRAJ UBL EXP stops at 10 stations other than source and destinations. The train covers 279 km in 1 days. The train completes it's journey in 6 Hours and 15 Minutes and the average speed of the train is 44.4 km/hour.

Station Name Station Code District State Arrival Departure Day Halt(Min) Distance Route
MIRAJ JN MRJ Sangli Maharashtra Source 00:10 1 -- 0 1
SHEDBAL SED Kolhapur Karnataka 00:27 00:29 1 02:00 17 1
UGAR KHURD UGR Belgaum Karnataka 00:36 00:38 1 02:00 27 1
KUDACHI KUD Belgaum Karnataka 00:46 00:48 1 02:00 34 1
CHINCHLI CNC Belgaum Karnataka 00:54 00:56 1 02:00 40 1
RAYBAG RBG Belgaum Karnataka 01:06 01:08 1 02:00 51 1
GHATPRABHA GPB Belgaum Karnataka 01:33 01:35 1 02:00 80 1
BELAGAVI BGM Belgaum Karnataka 02:30 02:32 1 02:00 138 1
LONDA JN LD Belgaum Karnataka 03:35 03:45 1 10:00 189 1
ALNAVAR JN LWR Dharwad Karnataka 04:18 04:20 1 02:00 222 1
DHARWAR DWR Dharwad Karnataka 05:23 05:25 1 02:00 259 1
HUBBALLI JN UBL Dharwad Karnataka 06:25 -- 1 -- 279 1


Mail Express Superfast Time Table with Train Number,Train Name,Arrival and Departure time at stations,train availability in the week,halt time,average speed,distance covered, 11047-MIRAJ UBL EXP is a Mail Express Superfast Train from MIRAJ JN to HUBBALLI JN

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